Co-Writing That Novel: How We Make It Work

writers of wales

mirren jones

Collaborative Writing – Mirren Jones style

‘Take in laundry, before you take on a partner’


How can two people write a novel together? How do you decide who will write what? And what happens when you disagree?

In 2008, Elaine Atkins from Wales and Marion Duffy from Scotland published their debut novel Eight Of Cups under the pseudonym ‘Mirren Jones’. Their second novel, Never Do Harm, will be published later this year.

When out and about at ‘Meet the Author’ events, members of the audience are at first full of questions about the practicalities of co-authorship – the what, where, when and how of writing as Mirren Jones.

Very quickly, however, the talk turns to inter-personal issues, such as who’s in charge? And what do you argue about? It’s an intriguing phenomenon – a fiction-writing partnership.

Successful song writing partnerships roll off the tongue – Lennon and McCartney, Roger…

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