Is the film as good as the book?

One positive by-product of having a foot operation is that my weekly trip to the yoga class, and twice weekly practice of karate have been replaced by several visits to the cinema.  So for once I can say I have seen almost all the Oscar winners in their prizewinning roles.  I can recommend without hesitation The Dallas Buyers’ Club, Gravity and Philomena.  Blue Jasmine was a disappointment.  And somewhere in between lay American Hustle.

On last week’s excursion I went to see The Book Thief, the film of the hugely popular book.  It generated that ubiquitous question – is the film as good as the book?

The right answer as far as I am concerned is that reading books and viewing films are two quite different experiences, thus you are not  comparing like with like.  However, on this occasion, I will say that I enjoyed both experiences equally and that the film was in no way a disappointment after the book, which is one of my all-time favourites.

The question – which is better? – reminded me of the happy day Jones and I spent playing around with ideas of whom we would cast in the main roles if Eight of Cups was adapted for the big screen.  Of course, we’d need young and middle aged versions of each of our six main characters.  Being women of a certain age, we could more easily imagine the mature versions of our girls.  Joanna Lumley would be perfect as the elegant flirty Alix, Lynda Bellingham as the long-suffering Diane, Sharon Small with her hair dyed black would fit Patricia’s shoes, maybe Nicole Kidman would consent to play the pale skinned red-haired Lesley, and Dawn French the feisty intellectual Carys. That just leaves Nancy.  She’s sporty, vivacious, fit and healthy and enjoys a good ‘romp’.  All suggestions to Mirren Jones please!

And one day we might be able to ask you the same question – is the film as good as the book?

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