Doctors and Nurses: Carrot or stick?

A news item caught my eye this week and saddened my heart.  Doctors and nurses are to be charged and possibly imprisoned for not providing adequate care for patients. How that contrasts with one of my recent reads – The Element – How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson. 

Ken Robinson, The Element

Ken recommends an educational system and ethos which helps individuals discover their gifts, talents, desires, passions and then suggests how to help those develop by joining others of a similar mind (the Tribe) and finding a mentor to guide, challenge and further that person’s development.

No doubt many doctors and nurses are born to perform a caring role.  For some the job may be a real passion, or use of their innate abilities to the full.  How much better then that the working environment stimulates commitment, rewards professionalism and enthusiasm, and uses examples of exceptional practitioners to motivate and inspire.

But no, some people think the big stick works better.  Not only ‘Never Do Harm‘, but if we catch you failing, we’ll make sure you end up bitter, defensive and demotivated.


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